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This is a once in a lifetime business and Brivity training series that you can't afford to miss. 

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Ben and Bob dive into the different aspects of the Brivity Platform, including best practices, scripts, and special gifts.REGISTER

Past Recorded Training Calls

Copy of Brivity - Past Training

Access all recorded Lunch & Learn and Happy Hour calls, including:

  • How to do an audit of your Brivity account
  • Using Brivity in your listing presentation
  • Pimping your website
  • Brivity Marketer & Brivity Designer
  • Brivity's Virtual Package
  • And so much more!



Looking for new ideas or to fully overhaul your current website? In this Lunch and Learn, Bob Stewart is joined by Brivity Website design expert, Jill Flores, who will walk you through 10 unique, stunning Brivity Websites that generate new leads and set agents apart.

Recorded June 4th



We know 65% of all real estate business is repeat and referral, which means an agent’s relationship with their past clients is key. In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart dives into Brivity Auto Plans. He’ll show you how consistent, targeted, and informative communication sent automatically from your Brivity Platform will ensure your past clients choose you next time, too!

Recorded June 2nd



You’re probably thinking: what’s a loyalty gap? In this Lunch and Learn, Bob Stewart discusses the key stat most real estate agents overlook too often, resulting in missed opportunities. Find out exactly how to close the loyalty gap and set yourself up to win a client’s business every time.

Recorded May 28th



During the call, Ben and Debbie addressed the state of the economy and discussed how it’s going to affect your business and what you can do about it. The duo demonstrated exactly how you can make economic factors, such as rising incomes and low mortgage rates, work in your favor. Plus, they shared actionable steps you can take to ensure your real estate business thrives in the current economy and beyond. This is a must-watch event, filled with real data and real tactics that you need to know to keep your clients up to date.

Recorded April 29th



Is there gold hiding in your database? In this Happy Hour, Bob takes us hunting through one brave Brivity user's database as he uncovers opportunities with the Top 10 Daily Activities to Succeed with Brivity. Learn how to audit your own account to find those golden nuggets hiding in your database today!

Recorded May 26th



In this Lunch & Learn, Cavin Weber dives into the three Real Estate Success Principles of the Ben Kinney Team. 1. Say the right thing. 2. Say it enough times. 3. Have enough people to say it to. Find out how to apply these success principles to your business and the way you work your database.

Recorded May 21st



Stay on top of every new Brivity update and see features in development! In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart brought in Roberto Moreno, Jarad Hull, and Josiah Ubben from Team Brivity for all the newly released updates and different features that are on the horizon. Don’t miss out on what’s new for Brivity Platform and start maximizing your tools for success today.

Recorded May 19th



In this Lunch & Learn, top agent and Brivity Super User, Ryan Greigg from the Ben Kinney Team in Bellingham, Washington joined us to share his story and proven tactics for success. Ryan shared how you can leverage the “Opportunity Method” to change your personal and financial life in a significant way. Watch his heartwarming story and get the blueprint for success in real estate!

Recorded May 14th



Top agent and Brivity Super User, Zach Wendt joined us for this special Happy Hour to share the “Golden Text” and his team’s marketing strategies that are absolutely crushing it and landing listing after listing! Watch now, stay ahead of the curve, adopt these strategies now and get in front of sellers before other agents.

Recorded May 12th



In this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart opened the floor to any and all questions about Brivity Platform! Don’t miss out on this amazing conversation with answers to all of your burning questions, updates, and best practices shared by Brivity super users.

Recorded May 7th



The future is here with the arrival of the Brivity Home App (beta) and everyone is excited! In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart and Jarad Hull walk us through the new Brivity Home App (beta), what it can do and everything in store for your clients in the near future! Don't miss out and discover how you can start sending this powerful app to your leads today!

Recorded May 5th



Information = value. Are you using the wealth of data and insight available to you through Brivity? In this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart demonstrated how to uncover the gold mine of information generated by your Brivity CRM and filter that information to work your database at the highest level. Watch now and see how you can identify leads showing clear signs they’re ready to sell or buy right now.

Recorded April 30th



How are you utilizing this powerful lead capture tool? As a Brivity client, you have access to this powerful text-to-lead tool, KWKLY. In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart gives us 5 strategies to effectively utilize KWKLY this summer to fill your database with hot leads! Listen to other success stories and apply them to your own business today.

Recorded April 28th



Have you ever wondered how leads end up in your Brivity Database? In this Lunch & Learn, Team Brivity’s Cavin Weber, Savannah Dowe, and Zach Isakson joined forces to demonstrate how leads make their way into your database and the best ways to systematically reach out to them. They also shared how to leverage the different Brivity tools available to you to turn these opportunities into clients. Watch now— pull out all the stops, maximize your lead nurture and conversion using your Brivity CRM!

Recorded April 23rd



Have you ever lost sellers or buyers even though, hands down, you were the clear choice? In this Happy Hour, Ben Kinney gives us a taste of Brivity Partner, Forward Coaching’s upcoming course, PERSUADED! Watch now, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to master the art of persuasion.

Recorded April 21st



When it comes to your database, are you looking in the right places and working it efficiently? In this Lunch & Learn, Team Brivity’s Cavin Weber and Kyle Schores give us a nudge in the right direction as they show us the power of Filters and Mass Actions! Find out how these can help you uncover opportunities in your database and target leads that are practically waving at you to get their business.

Recorded April 16th



Losing a listing is your worst nightmare. In this Happy Hour, Ben and Bob walk through how to build a solid post appointment follow-up auto plan. Learn how Ben follows up, and ensure no potential sellers ever fall through the cracks again!

Recorded April 14th



How do you advertise your “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” properties when they only last hours in the MLS? In this Lunch & Learn, Bob showed us exactly how, with flawlessly designed Facebook Home Value Page Ads and postcards using Brivity Marketer and Designer. Plus, watch and listen to several Brivity Super Users brainstorm how they maximize opportunities with Brivity Platform for their business.

Recorded April 9th



How good are you and your team at converting leads? In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart features the holy grail of lead conversion plans, the Ten Days of Pain created and used by Ben Kinney and his teams. Customize and apply this plan to any type of lead and you'll find out just how powerful this auto plan is at converting leads.

Recorded April 7th



How much bigger would your business be if you had an extra 8 hours in your day? In this Lunch and Learn, Bob called in a panel of clients to share their experience with the Brivity Virtual Assistants. Find out how they leveraged their time through their rockstar VAs and how life-changing having an extra set of hands can be for you and your business!

Recorded April 2nd



In this Happy Hour Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart shared the top five tools in your Brivity CRM that you’re not using. Don’t let opportunity slip through the cracks! Watch now and learn how to use these powerful tools at a high level, analyze the data they provide, and maximize your ROI.

Recorded March 31st



What happens when you complete 1,000 prospecting dials in a single day? For this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart was joined by a panel as they discussed their first-hand experiences with the infamous 1,000 dial day all Ben Kinney Partners are required to complete. Find out how these agents concurred this seemingly impossible task, hear some of their wins, and learn tips for undertaking this mission on your own.

Recorded March 26th



Christmas came early this year with the release of Brivity Marketer 7.0! In this Happy Hour, Robert Moreno from Team Brivity showcased the various improvements and updates to Brivity Marketer such as in-line editing and the ability to hide or even customize CTAs. Watch now, discover these new features and start sending out seriously effective postcard campaigns today.

Recorded March 24th



Quit letting deals slip through the cracks! Are you doing everything in your power to ensure you never let a lead in your database buy or sell with someone else? Watch now as Bob Stewart walks us through the 10 steps you should be taking daily in your Brivity Platform to maximize opportunity, stay top of mind with your sphere, and close more leads.

Recorded March 19th



Get your sphere in gear with Brivity! During this Lunch & Learn event, Bob Stewart showed us how to generate tons of referrals and business from people that you already know. Watch now and learn the steps you need to take to get your database in shape for spring. Plus, see great marketing ideas other agents are seeing success with, and implement them in your own real estate business.

Recorded March 17th


As a Brivity Client, you have access to The Ben Kinney Team’s Listing Presentation that can be personalized for your own business. Watch now, as Special Guest, Ryan Greigg joined Bob Stewart to deliver this proven presentation during this Lunch & Learn event. From preparation to paperwork, find out exactly how to see significant results during your listing appointments. Customize and optimize your own presentation, and close your next appointment the Ben Kinney way.

Recorded March 12th



For this Happy Hour, Ben Kinney and Josiah Ubben from Team Brivity showcased the multiple updates and features that have been recently added to the Brivity Platform! Don’t miss out on the latest features such as this amazing agent accountability tool, carousel Facebook ads with Brivity Marketer, and so much more!

Recorded March 10th



Are you missing out on amazing Brivity features? Watch this Lunch & Learn now, as Cavin Weber and Ann Hess from Team Brivity walk through how to get the most out of your Brivity website. Learn awesome things you can implement that you probably don’t know about before. Find out exactly how to leverage your Brivity website at the highest level in order to maximize lead gen and close more deals.

Recorded March 5th



Don’t miss out on these Brivity features proven to generate tons of seller leads. In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart shared that 90% of Brivity users only had one Brivity Valuation Site which translates to a lot of missed opportunities! To help everyone utilize Valuation pages more effectively Bob showcased several valuation sites you can create for your own real estate business to effectively generate more seller leads. Watch now, and get what you need to start building your own lead capturing sites.

Recorded March 3rd



Did you know that as a Brivity client, you have one of the most powerful lead generation tools at your fingertips? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned KWKLY user, this is the perfect Lunch & Learn to get unique tips for using this effective text-lead capture tool. Watch now and learn some exclusive tips and unique strategies for generating more business with KWKLY.

Recorded February 26th



Housing markets are experiencing extremely low inventory, and landing listings is harder than ever. Ben Kinney Expansion Partner and top Brivity user, Fred Sed joined us for this Happy Hour event to share his proven formula for landing at least one listing every single day, in any market. During this amazing training, Fred teaches exactly how you can position your business to exceed goals for 2021 and beyond. Learn the systems and mindset you need to build a powerhouse listing operation.

Recorded February 24th



All of your burning Brivity questioned answered! During this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart answered attendees’ questions on everything from finding opportunity in your Brivity CRM to systems and best practices used by top agents and teams. Watch now to hear answers to the most popular questions, and make sure to attend our next Brivity Mastery call live, or visit our Brivity Masterminds Facebook group to submit your own questions!

Recorded February 19th



Curious how The Ben Kinney Team sold over 6,000 properties in 2020? Watch now, as Ben Kinney shared his team’s Agent Business Model and the BKT Pie. Learn expectations and best practices of BKT agents that lead to 2-4 sold listings per month. If you’re looking for the blueprint to real estate success, this one-on-one with Ben is perfect for you.

Recorded February 17th



During this Lunch & Learn, Cavin Weber joined Bob Stewart for a CRM treasure hunt. The duo showed us where to find hidden opportunity in our Brivity accounts. Watch now and discover how you can find all of the people in your database right now ready to buy or sell. Start filling your pipeline with hidden opportunities in Brivity.

Recorded February 12th



Ben Kinney joined us for a discussion on the difference between leads and people, and how relationships work within your Brivity CRM. He also shared some common misconceptions agents have regarding their CRM. Bob Stewart then joined Ben to give us all an instant boost of motivation. Learn how you can make a daily commitment to yourself and your real estate business, watch this can’t miss Happy Hour now.

Recorded February 10th



In this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart and Jarad Hull showed off some of the best designed Brivity IDX websites out there right now. Get ideas for your own site from the most successful websites in real estate. Learn about features you can utilize that are proven to generate more leads. Watch now and discover how top agents and teams are optimizing their websites to generate more prospects and close more deals.

Recorded February 5th



In this week’s Happy Hour, Bob Stewart, Josiah Ubben, and Jarad Hull showcased Brivity Marketer updates, new and upcoming Brivity Designer templates, and updates to the leads dashboard in your Brivity CRM. Jarad then gave us a step-by-step walk through of how to build community pages on your Brivity website and tips for using home valuation pages to generate more leads.

Recorded February 3rd



During this Lunch & Learn, top Brivity Marketer and Facebook Ad Generator users joined Bob Stewart to share their success stories along with tips and tricks to capture high quality leads at a low cost. Don’t get left behind, learn how you can leverage these powerful tools in your real estate business, to generate more hot leads for less.

Recorded January 29th



During this week’s Happy Hour Bob Stewart walked us through the two most effective Auto Plans in Brivity's library. Refresh your database with Ben Kinney’s 10 Days of Pain and this killer Old Seller/Buyer Re-Engagement plan. Watch to learn how to get copies of these proven Auto Plans in your own Brivity account and get steps for setting up triggers to automate your lead conversion. Implement these plans and watch the responses roll in.

Recorded January 27th



Looking for an easy way to generate new leads and connect with your sphere? Watch this Lunch & Learn as Bob Stewart walks us through using Brivity Connect and the NEW Brivity Marketer Facebook Ad Generator to capture a ton of affordable, quality leads and ensure they never forget who you are. Watch now, learn how to stay on top of your lead nurture and uncover new tricks for being proactive in your database.

Recorded January 22nd




A steady source of high-quality leads is one of the primary goals of any successful real estate agent. Are you using the Brivity Platform to your advantage? In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart walks us though using Home Valuation pages and KWKLY instant keyword to net more leads. If you want to fill your pipeline for 2021, this is definitely a can't miss call!

Recorded January 20th




Create masterful designs with the a click of a button! In this Lunch and Learn, Brivity's Josiah Ubben taught us how to use Brivity Designer & Marketer to market your real estate business with ease. Find out how to use these tools to make gorgeous marketing materials and postcards in the blink of an eye. 

Recorded January 15th




There's no one giant step to success, it's a series of many small steps. In this Happy Hour, Bob Stewart shares the top 10 things you can do consistently to turn your database into a goldmine. From working leads to closing deals, these features can help you stay accountable and on top of your leads.

Recorded January 13th




In this year’s first Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart discussed how the NEW Brivity Marketer Facebook Ad Generator captures the highest quality leads at the lowest cost. Get the best tips and tricks for utilizing this powerful tool, resulting in maximized listing exposure and wider audience reach. 

Recorded January 8th




Get a closer look at the most effective lead conversion plan in real estate, Ben Kinney's 10 Days of Pain. In this Happy Hour, we walked through the plan, featuring calls and texts proven to convert leads. As an added bonus, Bob went through the Old Buyer Lead Re-Engage plan as well to show us how to revive past leads and dig up potential clients that are already in your database. If you're looking to supercharge your database, then this is one Happy Hour you shouldn't miss!

Recorded January 6th




In this year's final Happy Hour, Ben, Josiah and Jarad, ended the year with a bang by taking us through the top 25 releases and improvements that were made to the Brivity Platform throughout 2020. Among the many highlights for the year include the Virtual Package, Brivity Marketer, Brivity Connect, the relaunching of the Brivity App, Brivity Designer and so much more. Make sure you know every tool Brivity has to offer to help you take 2021 by storm!

Recorded December 30th




Have you laid the foundation for your success in 2021? In this festive and inspiring Happy Hour, Ben and Bob walked us through the secret of how to rock it in the coming year through the magic of goal setting! Find out how to set goals, priorities and actions that will keep you focused and on the road to success. 

Recorded December 23rd





For this Lunch and Learn, Bob Stewart walked us through the Brivity Dialer and gave us ideas on how to use it at a high level; things such as who to prioritize and what to say when making intentional calls to your leads. Bob also gives us an exciting sneak peek into the new Brivity Home Mobile App features, so this one can’t be missed!

Recorded December 18th




Have you been maximizing your Brivity platform's full potential? On this Happy Hour, Ben, Bob and Jared walked through how you can use Brivity Marketer to generate leads and monitor your post engagement from Facebook Ads. Also, catch an exclusive demo on the new Brivity Home Mobile App, with some tricks to make you feel more connected to your leads!

Recorded December 16th




Special Guest, Debbie De Grote, Co-Founder and CEO of Forward Coaching joined us during this Lunch & Learn to discuss team accountability. Debbie walked us through tactics to train and hold team members accountable.

Recorded December 11th




Several Ben Kinney Team Partners and leadership joined us for a conversation on exactly how The Ben Kinney Team utilizes Virtual Assistants to power a massive real estate business. They discussed their day-to-day of leveraging VAs at the highest level to grow their business

Recorded December 9th




Are you leaving money on the table? If you're not farming, you're missing out on the opportunity to dominate your market. During this special Lunch & Learn, Team Brivity’s Roberto Moreno joined Bob Stewart for a training on tactics for successful real estate farming with Brivity Marketer that will help you gain market share and shine as the expert. Don't let someone else's sign go up in your neighborhood. Unlock the steps you need to start this fail-safe way to own your market. 

Recorded December 8th




Team Brivity's Donna Reed presents, "The Anti-Marketing, Marketing Campaign” a Lunch & Learn all about success through events in 2021. Learn how to use your Brivity website to do something amazing and powerful for your community. It's the perfect time of year to make an impact.

Recorded December 4th



Tis' the season, NEW Brivity Marketer Holiday Postcards have arrived! Show your sphere you're thinking of them during the holidays with beautifully designed pre-made Brivity Marketer postcard templates. Plus, Josiah, Roberto and Jarad from Team Brivity joined Bob Stewart during this Happy Hour for more updates, tips, and tricks.

Recorded December 2nd




During this special Happy Hour event, Brivity's in-house digital marketing expert, Grant Gould, join us to reveal our all NEW revolutionary digital ad product, Brivity Connect. We got an in-depth view at this groundbreaking program that makes it easy to generate and connect with quality leads at a fraction of the price.

Recorded November 25th




Brivity’s Bob Stewart shared 12+ Auto Plans currently being used by The Ben Kinney Team. Get a close look at the systems Ben and the amazing team Ben Kinney Team in Bellingham, WA have created to leverage Brivity to the max. Customize these Transaction and People Auto Plans for your real estate business.

Recorded November 20th




This week's Happy Hour was filled with sneak peeks at upcoming Brivity features. Josiah and Jarad from Team Brivity joined Bob Stewart to show off upcoming Brivity Marketer updates, Brivity Home, and much more. Bob also walked us through some opportunities you could be missing in your database right now.

Recorded November 18th







During this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart shared The new 2020 Ben Kinney Team Old Buyer Reengage Auto Plan. Then, our in-house Digital Marketing Expert, Grant Gould, joined us to discuss our Brivity Leads program. Grant shared insight into the various lead generation options available to you as a Brivity Platform client to drive and nurture leads.

Recorded November 13th




During this action-packed Happy Hour event, Donna Reed from Team Brivity joined us to cover marketing your listings in unique ways, tips and tricks for improving your Brivity website's SEO, the best way to safely promote and host an open house with the Brivity Platform, and much more. 

Recorded November 11th




During this Lunch & Learn event, Bob Stewart took a deep dive into Advanced Brivity CMA and Brivity Marketer Postcards. Bob shared expert tips, tricks, and best practices needed to master Brivity CMA and Marketer to close more deals.

Recorded November 6th




Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart discussed how to get your sphere in gear using the Brivity Platform during this Happy Hour event. They shared a proven system for generating business and referrals from the people you already know. Get scripts, marketing, events, and the frequency it takes to own your own database.

Recorded November 4th




During this Lunch & Learn event, Bob Stewart explored the ins and outs of Market Reports. We discussed how much of your database should be on Market Reports, and went step by step on building lead capture pages for people to sign up for Market Reports.

Recorded October 30th




During this Brivity Happy Hour, Bob Stewart shared a NEW pre-built Brivity Auto Plan for engaging old leads. Then, Ben Kinney gave us the recipe for extreme productivity and a daily plan for overall success in your business and in your life.

Recorded October 28th




What opportunities are you missing from your database? During this Lunch & Learn, Brivity's Bob Stewart uncovered where exactly to look in your Brivity Platform for hidden gems you could be missing out on. Quit leaving money on the table, and start taking advantage of every opportunity you have available.

Recorded October 23rd




Where’s the money? It’s in the conversion. During this Happy Hour event, Ben and Bob took a deep dive into converting leads with Brivity. We walked through using the Brivity Dialer, why you should be using the dialer, and what you should be saying when people answer to call. Plus, more lead conversion tips from the experts.

Recorded October 21st




During this special Lunch & Learn training event, Jillene Snell from The Ben Kinney Team leadership, joined Bob Stewart to walk us through "A Day in the Life of My Brivity Database." Jillene shared the document created and used by The Ben Kinney Team on exactly what you need to be doing in your database prior to, during, and after lead generation tasks.

Recorded October 16th




In most markets, inventory is hard to come by. During this Happy Hour event, Bob Stewart showed us exactly how to utilize Brivity tools, such as Brivity Marketer and Market Reports to effectively get more listing business now. Team Brivity walked us through the tips and tricks you can use to increase business significantly. 

Recorded October 14th




How well are you connecting with your sphere? Are you missing out on opportunities because you’re not nurturing past clients? During this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart walked us through opportunities you can find using Brivity Smart Filters to reach out effectively and maximize ROI.

Recorded October 9th




At this Happy Hour, Ben and Bob walked us through how to market your listings with Brivity and exactly how to show your clients and potential clients what you, as a Brivity client, offer them. The team covered: creating unlimited Landing Pages for your listings, capturing open house leads, exclusive listings with Enhanced Property Pages, reverse prospecting, and way more!

Recorded October 7th





During this Lunch & Learn we discussed: the Super Powers of Transaction Auto Plans! We've learned about the power of auto plans for People Auto Plans on our September 23rd Happy Hour, but Transaction Auto Plans have more moving parts for automation in every unique transaction you have. Save 50% of your time in Transactions with Transaction Auto Plans! We also announced our NEW support page.

Recorded October 2nd





During this Happy Hour event, special guest, Brian Gubernick joined Ben and Bob for an amazing conversation on the success you can achieve by utilizing proven systems and models in your real estate business and the importance of leveraging Brivity to its fullest. He discussed how he prioritizes family above everything while still running a booming business. Brian believes you need to “be weird” in order to be successful in anything you do.

Recorded September 30th




Bob Stewart and Josiah from Team Brivity walked us through how to take advantage of KWKLY during this Lunch & Learn training event. The duo showed us how to capture high-quality leads and leverage KWKLY into a profitable real estate business. They went over: best sign ideas, ways to use it beyond the sign, how to make sure the leads get responded to KWKLY by your agents, and more.

Recorded September 25th




Behold, the power of Brivity Auto Plans! During this Happy Hour event, Ben and Bob demonstrated the sheer power of Auto Plans and the best ways to use them to follow-up, engage with, and nurture leads at an incredibly high level to grow your real estate business at an unbelievable rate.

Recorded September 23rd




During this Lunch & Learn, Brivity's Chief Product Officer Jarad and Josiah from the Brivity Team joined us for an exclusive sneak peek at the NEW Brivity Home App— coming soon. Then, we explored some new features for your Brivity IDX Website, plus tips and tricks to make your site stand out from the crowd and capture more leads.

Recorded September 18th




During this Brivity Happy Hour event, Ben Kinney shared his best kept secrets on leveraging your Brivity Platform for success. Ben and Bob walked us through the most important actions you should be taking in your Brivity account and some incredible expert tips and tricks to elevate your real estate business.

Recorded September 16th




During this Lunch & Learn, Bob Stewart talked about how to maximize opportunity and get more leads every single time you take a listing using some of the powerful Brivity tools you have at your disposal. Josiah from Team Brivity also shared a sneak peak of some upcoming updates.

Recorded September 11th




Mega Agent and Brivity Super User, Chris Suarez from PLACE Inc. joined Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart for a special Happy Hour event on building your business and relationships. Chris discussed the importance of consistency and accountability, putting people and relationships first, and overcoming obstacles by having the courage to pivot when life brings change. 

Recorded September 9th




This time, Bob Stewart walked us through the process of hosting an event (or virtual event) with the Brivity Platform. We went over the best ways to use KWKLY Instant Keywords for event forms and giveaways in a powerful way to generate a massive amount of leads.

Recorded September 4th




During this Brivity Happy Hour event, Josiah shared some updates to Brivity Designer and gave us a sneak peak at the new Person Detail page coming soon to your CRM. Then Ben and Bob talked real estate numbers, such as cap rate.

Recorded September 2nd




What do most top real estate teams and agents converting at high levels have in common? During this Lunch & Learn event, Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart broke down 9 different common threads of great lead conversion. From habits to tactics— find out what things set the elite in real estate apart from the rest.

Recorded August 28th




During this special Brivity Happy Hour event, Brivity Super User Sherri Gregory with The Gregory Home Team joined Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart. Sherri shared her story, how she structures her team for success, and her tips for overcoming any objections or obstacles in order to run an extremely profitable real estate business. 

Recorded August 26th




During this Lunch & Learn event, Jillene Snell from the Ben Kinney Team leadership joined Bob Stewart and Team Brivity for a special release of the new Win Make Give Wealth Series Auto Plan. This valuable item is a perfect gift for anyone in your sphere and the Auto Plan can be easily added into your Brivity account.

Recorded August 21st




During this Happy Hour event, Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart dove into the world of real estate investing. We discussed why you should invest, types of real estate investments, and how to make those investments work for you. Ben shared how to “flip the triangle” and what that really means on your journey to wealth.

Recorded August 19th





During this Unplugged Happy Hour event, Ben Kinney had an in-depth conversation with top agents and Brivity users on best practices for creating a Brivity playbook. Ben shared his own insight into how his business leverages Brivity Virtual Assistants at various levels, some of his team’s business models, and the best way to put Brivity to work for your business.

Recorded August 12th




The Brivity team revealed an important new enhancement to Brivity designer that gives users more power within the tool. Then, Bob did a recap of the Brivity Agent Top 10 and essential things every agent or team owner should be looking at every single day within your Brivity account.

Recorded August 7th




On this Brivity Happy Hour, Ben role played a buyer consultation with Brivity user Deborah Hayes using his one-page approach that shows buyers the value of buying to build wealth vs. renting.

Recorded August 5th




Bob Stewart shared four different Transaction Auto Plans admins and account owners can access and add in your own Brivity account. He also discussed best practices for marketing listings and how to use KWKLY keywords in different ways beyond your signs.

Recorded July 31st




Ben and Bob discussed how the power of persuasion and influence can impact your business in a big way. “Influence is having a vision for the ideal outcome of a situation and motivating people to work together toward making it a reality without using force or coercion.” The team also reviewed some updates coming to Market Reports.

Recorded July 22nd




Ben and Bob interviewed special guest Joel Rico, a Real Estate Broker, Investor, coach, and entrepreneur, on mastering agreement to find a yes in every conversation. Ben briefly touched on the course that Joel, Ben, and Debbie De Grote are launching Tuesday, July 28th: Persuaded!

Recorded July 22nd




Bob and Josiah discuss how mastery is boring but vital in order to get the value out of your systems, tools, and database. Spend the hour going through the 8 things you should be doing to master your database.

Recorded July 17th




On this Brivity Happy Hour Bob showed us how a Brivity super user converts leads at a high level. Then Ben reviewed the two questions every business has to answer. Plus, we went through some of the best scripts to use for new lead follow up.

Recorded July 15th




Bob shared three Smart Auto Plans perfect for re-engaging with past leads, then detailed the best way to work old leads in your Brivity database. We also premiered a new customizable Brivity CMA video and Josiah went over some updates. 

Recorded July 14th




On this Brivity Happy Hour Ben discussed how to find talent by sharing how he recruits to find winners. "If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes." - John Wooden

Recorded July 8th





Jarad showed us how to add a service that allows you to feature recorded answers to potential client’s questions and easily capture video customer reviews on your Brivity website. He and Josiah also walked us through adding sold listings to the featured properties on your website. Plus, Bob went over important Smart Filters you should be using in your Brivity CRM and how to create them. 
Recorded June 26th


Ben and Bob interview special guest Matt Fetick, Owner & CEO of The Matt Fetick Team, on the tactics he and his team use to drum up new and referral business. 

Recorded June 24th





Bob and Josiah show off Brivity Marketer's newest feature and walk through how to create your own custom postcard campaigns. Then learn how you can add a market report page on your Brivity website. 

Recorded June 23rd





Bob uncovered missed opportunities during a live Brivity CRM audit and identified some essential steps you should be taking in your CRM to maximize opportunity. Plus, Josiah shared updates to Brivity CMA Market Reports and gave us a sneak peek at custom campaigns in Brivity Marketer.

Recorded June 19th





On this special Happy Hour, Bob Stewart got to interview his very own mother, Gail Smith, an expansion partner from the Ben Kinney Team, on what exactly she did to close 79 transactions her first year in the business.

Recorded June 17th





Ben and Bob deliver the pricing model to price a property correctly the first time and get price reductions more easily. Ben offers a special gift for you to offer in your own marketing. Check it out!

Recorded June 16th





Learn the basics of your Brivity IDX website and find out some of the things you should be doing. Then learn how you can use Google My Business to up your web traffic. 

Recorded June 12th





On this Brivity Happy Hour Ben discussed mindset and how to move from being distracted to being successful.

Recorded June 11th





In this Lunch & Learn, Ben and Bob discussed how to Get your Sphere in Gear. One of the strategies for working your sphere is using timely scripts that don’t make you sound slimy like: "Are any of the things going on today creating any real estate related questions for you and your family?"

Recorded June 9th





Learn the basics of Brivity Designer - the tool anyone can use to easily generate on-brand, professional marketing materials for listings, recruiting and real estate events.

Recorded June 5th





Ben and Bob interview special guest Jen Davis, CEO of the Hold Homes Group, on how she constantly sold 225 homes a year as a buyer's agent before becoming CEO. 

Recorded June 4th





In this Lunch & Learn, Ben and Bob share the Facebook algorithm that decides which posts users see, in what order, every time they check their newsfeeds. They also discussed which Brivity tools you can leverage on Facebook as long as you have a strong message because your message matters!

Recorded June 1st





Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity's Chief Product Officer, Jarad Hull, as he walks through adding a video library, Facebook and Google registration, and Google Analytics to your Brivity website. Bonus: Jarad reviews a new block you can add to your site based on search criteria.

Recorded May 29th





Ben and Bob share a quick sneak peek of our upcoming Lead Generation product. Ben also covers the four levels to keeping productivity high and what you can do to raise each of those levels to achieve peak performance.

Recorded May 28th





In this Lunch & Learn Ben and Bob share the biggest secrets and best scripts to converting leads with ease. Plus, learn best practices on using Brivity during the lead conversion process.
1. Say the right thing 2. Say it enough times 3. Have enough leads to say it to 

Recorded May 26th





In this Brivity Lunch & Learn we covered the new AI, map draw, and CSV targeting options in Brivity Marketer, as well as how to change the image when sharing a link from your Brivity Website, the new Agent Roster tools in your site builder, and how to feature buyer sold listings. Plus a special gift from Ben - check it out!

Recorded May 22nd





Ben and Bob covered new Brivity resources (in the Brivity Masterminds Facebook Group > Files), like a step-by-step guide on how to build new custom luxury pages on your website. They also went over Ben Kinney's scripts to convert leads and how to create your company’s Mission, Vision & Values.

Recorded May 20th





Ben and Bob are joined by Josiah Ubben and Roberto Moreno from the Brivity Team as they show new updates to Brivity Marketer, such as improved AI for automated destination selection, polygon map search for destinations, and the ability to upload a CSV file with addresses for destinations.

Recorded May 19th





Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity's Chief Product Officer, Jarad Hull, as he walks through new customization options for your Brivity website like, how to add and customize a luxury page (or any custom page), the new feature that allows you to add agents directly to your site, and how to add "Hello Bar" to your website.

Recorded May 15th





Ben and Bob interview special guest Matt Miale, CEO of The Miale Team, on what him and his team are doing right now to keep their business moving forward.

Recorded May 13th





Ben and Bob are joined by Jillene Snell and Ehra Fernandez from the Ben Kinney Team as they discuss how the team uses Brivity for agent onboarding, transaction and listing management, project management, and using VA's to build leverage. 

Recorded May 12th





Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity's Chief Product Officer, Jarad Hull, as they walk through step-by-step how to build custom listing and home value pages on your Brivity website.

Recorded May 8th





Ben and Bob are joined by special guest, Mike Hicks with Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, as he delivers the best script to generate referrals.  

Recorded May 7th




Ben and Bob get into the different tools you have in your Brivity Platform to generate seller leads and convert them into listing appointments.

Recorded May 5th




Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity’s Chief Product Officer, Jarad Hull, to showcase the new features on your Brivity website. Learn how to set up and launch them, and hear about other awesome feature updates!

Recorded May 1st





Ever wanted to get scripts and objection handlers directly from Ben Kinney? This is THE call to watch! 

Recorded April 29th




Dive into Valuation and Kwkly leads and the follow up plans and scripts the Ben Kinney Team uses. Ben offers a special gift for you to offer in your own marketing. Check it out!

Recorded April 28th




Ben and Bob are joined by the Director of Operations for the Ben Kinney Team, Alivia Jelinski, as they dive into managing active and pending transactions in Brivity. 

Recorded April 24th




Recorded on April 22nd





During the first half of this call Ben and Bob reviewed lead parsing and lead routing rules. Then we did a quick audit of one of our customer's accounts to help identify opportunities that are not being capitalized on. Thank you Andrew Monaghan!

Recorded on April 21st




Ben and Bob role play as Ben delivers the Ben Kinney Team listing presentation and how you can use the Brivity Platform to show your value as the agent of choice.

Recorded on April 17th




Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity's Head of Design, Josiah Ubben, as they walk through the new Brivity Contact Page designs and get input from all of our amazing Brivity customers.

Recorded on April 15th




On this call Ben and Bob dive into Brivity settings and talk about the importance of assigning roles and custom dates to automate 25-50% of transactions. The duo also walks through creating auto plans.

Recorded on April 14th





Ben and Bob are joined by Brivity's Chief Product Officer, Jarad Hull, as they show you how to enhance your website with custom neighborhood pages, enhanced listings, agent profiles & more advanced functionality.

Recorded on April 10th






Deep Dive into Brivity Marketer & Brivity Designer Beta




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